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Trader Sam's Grog Grotto @ the Polynesian Resort Reopened 7/19/21


... and guess who was sleeping off his Capt Cook's meal and Dole Whip around the corner totally unaware of what was happening just a few feet away? And who had even seen the wait list line down the hall but didn't put 2 and 2 together since it was so early in the afternoon? :cry:

My son ended up telling me once he read it on some WDW board while we were sitting in the lobby. Immediately went to ask about the wait list and was told it was booked solid for the day.

Obviously I didn't manage to make it inside, but did hit the outside annex at Trader Sam's lanai. Drinks were just as good. It just might take the bartenders a while to regain their speed.

Elsewhere at the resort, the Tambu has been open for a while (IIRC they were open when I swung by last Summer), but are so severely understaffed you may wait for 10 minutes at the bar before the single bartender even acknowledges that he'll take your order eventually. I saw no sign of Walter at the Tambu Lounge, who I swear is (was?) the best bartender on WDW property.


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I think this just shows how popular Trader Sam's is. All the people that have been stuck indoors are now ready to get out and enjoy some Tiki. I'm glad to see you were at least able to enjoy a few drinks. (y)

I hope these types of "themed bars" are noticed and more spring up. I try to visit our local Tiki establishments as much as possible, I love the fact that you can step inside and escape the outside world for a few hours.

Thank you for the trip report!

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The Grog Grotto is a "must visit" for any of us that enjoy a great Tiki cocktail.
(put it on your bucket list!)
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