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UnderTow Phoenix

Beach Bum

New member
I was able to visit our local Tiki bar here in Phx the other night. UnderTow is relatively small, with seating for only about 40 guests. Don't let that influence your decision to try this bar out. The atmosphere is awesome! It is located in the "grease pit" of a previous oil change establishment. The decor is awesome, with thunderstorms taking place occasionally. The drinks are strong, but delicious and the staff when we visited were friendly and got our drinks in a reasonable amount of time. The bartenders are always fun to watch keeping pretty busy mixing cocktails. Reservations are highly recommended. The only downside is there is a 90 minute limit. (they want to allow other guests to visit I guess) Check them out if you get the chance.






New member
I have also been here. One of the greats in Phoenix. My only complaint is the time limit. Of course if I stayed longer I would probably not be able to climb the stairs out of the place!
UnderTow has closed in the original location. They are moving to a new location right next door. They will announce opening soon. I can't wait!
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