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Johnny Tsunami

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Now that we are done with the canopy, its time to start pulling all the pieces together.
First off, as much as Ive been avoiding it, its time to unpack 1800 beer cans and put them up on the shelves in alphabetic order. We start with A1 beer out of Arizona, in the upper, left corner. Unpack a bunch of boxes, grab a ladder and get to it. We cleaned each can before placing them on the shelf, in all, this took approx. 8 days to complete.

After the cans were up, we turned our attention to the fountain area.
It needed a little dressing up, so we arranged some planters with tropical green foliage. We placed them in front of the fountain. We then added some sweet, custom signage, above the fountain, then proceeded to use artificial green vines to cover up the front of the planters, and hide the rope light a bit.

Finally, a little explanation about the name. I was going for a play on words, because we frequently experience, the spine tingling howls of coyotes, just outside the friendly confines of The Rapa Nui Ranch. But I just ended up having to explain the spelling over and over again, so for the sake of my sanity, and a nod to authenticity, we will be going to the correct native spelling, Haole.
So with that said, WELCOME TO THE HAOLE HUT! Here are some of our features.........

To the best of my knowledge, The Haole Hut, is the only Tiki bar in America, that offers, FREE 24 HOUR AIR, at our BBQ, and Car care center in the southwest corner of the lounge.

We have authentic, vintage, bamboo seating from the 1950s.

Pub shuffleboard
Several anchor points, throughout the lounge, for our super comfy hammock chairs.

Our exclusive LOUNGE O LUXE 2000 entertainment center, featuring over 40000 video, music, and photo files, for your viewing and listening pleasure.
lounge o 25.JPG

THE POLECAT PALACE, alternative entertainment performance stage

Anti insect barrier, with walkthrough door, for pest free quaffing

Personal cooling fans with built in lighting for each bar patron.

Stealth bamboo technology, to hide unsightly power tools, and equipment.

Custom painted ceiling.
Finally, custom multicolor L.E.D. lighting throughout the lounge. Just add darkness.........

Well, that about wraps up our major winter time, lounge project. Now we turn our attention to the out of doors. We are currently in the process
of ripping out, roughly 1000 square feet of old decking, as we prepare to break ground on COCKTAIL COVE, as its known for the time being.
It will feature a screen room, running along the back of the house, with a hot tub, for late night simmering, during our brutal winters here in The Bal Hinch.
THE CROWS NEST, covered, observation deck, for enjoying those, hot summer thunderstorms, or late night lightning shows.
A ground level, dining deck, with custom built grilling area, and a pea gravel, fire pit zone, for communal quaffing, in the moonlight.
We will be back in a couple of months for an update, but for now, its May in Indiana, and that means its time once again to don the traditional colors of the IMS Safety Patrol.
Its training day, as I prepare to work the yard of bricks, as the speedway welcomes back a crowd of 135000 for this years Indy 500. The Greatest Spectacle in Racing.
Until next time...................Drivers, start your engines..............
I've read through your threads a few times, but until now was so focused on your bamboo work and lighting that I had never really noticed that one, very special pole. :ROFLMAO: Now, that is a superb feature. I wish I had neighbors as awesome as you.
LOL. You had me for a second. I was pondering how to build a glowing "dancer" pole before I clicked to expand your image.
No, OUR pole, does not glow. I know they make them, but they are a bit pricey. Instead, we had a Rapa Nui princess shipped in to keep it shiny.
Please meet our in house pole polisher, Princess Lola Wanaleimee

No, OUR pole, does not glow. I know they make them, but they are a bit pricey. Instead, we had a Rapa Nui princess shipped in to keep it shiny.
Please meet our in house pole polisher, Princess Lola Wanaleimee

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Ah, you stole my idea! I had the thought about having a mannequin on a pole as bar decor a little while back. Nice to see the concept works well.