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What's on the menu? Friday Thread!


Staff member

Happy Friday! What are you making this weekend? I'm planning on making 3 dots and a dash. (a Don the Beachcomber classic)

Have a great weekend!

I enjoyed a few mai tais and a dark and stormy. It was an awesome weekend indeed!

I'll be looking for some new recipes for this weekend, Any suggestions?


New member
Experimenting with coffee and rum. I had wanted coffee rum and banana Liqueur, but the ABC is somewhat limited in options, so I ended up with Kahlua and Banana Malibu. Pretty good though when mixed in an iced coffee with a dash of cinnamon and nutmeg.

Don’t judge, I’m on the east coast, it’s already mid afternoon here.


Staff member
Tonight's selection we go back to basics..... The Classic Mai Tai.

Have a happy and safe holiday weekend everyone!